is a 2-tier application enhancing standard (old-fashioned) mailing system of the Central Bank of Ukraine. All mail is stored in Microsoft SQL database and proper user access segregation is ensured.

System content:

The database contains system configuration and electronic correspondence. Supported versions 2005 and above.

Responsible for routing mail between client and Central Bank mail system, task reminder broadcasts, updating of directories in the database.

User workplace, used to configure the system (having appropriate access rights), read and write mail messages. “Client” functions may vary depending on purchased options.

Product features:

Multi-document interface (MDI). Logging router activities, types of system messages for logging can be specified.

Active Directory

Synchronization of users with Active Directory of the company. Single Sign-On mode - recognition of the user login (can automatically register new users upon the first use of application).

User management

Management of user and user group cards.

Segregation of rights

Mail reading (for local users of the Central Bank mail), Mail writing (from local users of the Central Bank mail), Actions, Access management, Report producing

Processing rules

Rules are defined, that the router would process or ignore records («from user», «from host», «for user», «for host», «file mask»)


"Stealth" mode - works without interfering into configuration of the Central Bank mail system.


Automatically recognizes the letter codepage and allows applying alternative decoding page "on-the-fly" by the user. Automatic encryption and decryption of encoded letters.

First-class reports

Rich reporting module with embedded IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Has manual and scheduled export to PDF/JPG/XLS/HTM/TXT/DOC formats. Additionally data can be fed into pre-configured smart Excel files.

Automatic processing

Automatic update of bank directory (SPRUSNBU.DBF), manual editing of bank details, if required. Automatic detection and import of local users file (*.NDE). Manual editing or automated request of local user list from the relevant bank. Automatic unpacking of ARJ and ZIP archives.

ToDo tasks

An authorized person can define ToDo tasks and assign responsible employees. Can regularly broadcast reminders to assigned employees via SMTP protocol.

Writing messages

Messages created in RichText format (*.RTF) with built-in editor. Draft messages are kept in the draft folder. Can attach several files, packs them automatically into ZIP-archive upon sending (controls that file name does not exceed 12 symbols as per the standard). Recipient address is selected from the directory. One message can be sent to any number of recipients. Message delivery is being controlled by each individual recipient.


mode: scans only current day .sta file, n latest files or all available files. mode: use of either USERMAIL.EXE or built-in router functionality. mode: use of either TOMAIL.EXE or built-in router functionality.

Reading and filtering

Marks "read" messages for each user. Has handy filter for message search and can sort message tree by user's preference.

SMTP forwarding

In case of having preference for corporate e-mail system you can use built-in SMTP relay option (rule-based forwarding settings).

Forms and menu items

Has built-in form and menu item designer. Administrator can design own forms for editing any data in a database.

Link Master

Perfect tool to build relation between data objects. Can be used for customisation of user access levels to database objects, linking of reports to a form or linking of processed documents (contacts) to a customer profile.