IFS DataMart

is a solid and feature-rich module for designing reports from available data located in ERP systems. The module is database-friendly and can be easily adapted to the specifics of any ERP. Besides, using the module engine, it is possible to build a small data accounting system, for instance, agreement registration system, warehouse bookkeeping, identity access management system, personnel accounting system. The module is a great tool for financial analysts, accountants and data miners.

Product features:

Works with many popular relational databases - Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Postgre, SQLite, etc.

Easy to install and update

The configuration is stored in your own MS SQL database or in the Oracle schema.

Low system requirements

It does not require a dedicated server that is unpretentious to system resources and can be installed on a regular workstation with Microsoft 7 or later.

Forms and menu items

Has built-in form and menu item designer. Administrator can design own forms for editing any data in a database.

Easy testing / implementation

Easy control of the productive and test environment - from one exe file! You can select the required environment from the connection dialog.


The stealth mode does not require any changes to the accounting system, it is sufficient to only establish credible rights to read data from the enterprise management system server.

Interactive SQL

Enhanced SQL - added about 40 macro commands for automating user activity.

First-class reports

Rich reporting module with embedded IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Has manual and scheduled export to PDF/JPG/XLS/HTM/TXT/DOC formats. Additionally data can be fed into pre-configured smart Excel files.

Dialogs and lists

Define your own system constants, LOV - List Of Values and dialogs. Use the values of these variables in queries and reports.


Has built-in FTP and SMTP clients. Files can be downloaded from any FTP-resource and processed by a data monitor. Reports can be sent as PDF files that are attached to an e-mail message. Ideal for sending out marketing letters, reminders or statements to customers.

Test mode

Supports test mode - logs errors and program operation.

Access Management

Access can be provided to the user (or group of users) to queries, reports, menu items, operations, or to any objects of the enterprise management system. Everything can be fine-tuned to a particular data architecture.

SQL access functions for users

Functions that check the user access level can be used in queries. During use, reports and inquiries can limit the list of provided information according to the access level.

Connection manager

Manage settings for connections to FTP / SMTP servers, printers and databases (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.).

Data Monitor

Based on some events in the database, it can print, save to the server or send pre-configured reports (receipts, forms) by e-mail.

Link Master

Perfect tool to build relation between data objects. Can be used for customisation of user access levels to database objects, linking of reports to a form or linking of processed documents (contacts) to a customer profile.